Madwoman Maxine Waters Tells Crowd She’s Ready To Kill Trump Herself – Look What Happened Seconds Later

No matter what your political affiliation, we should be able to all agree that we need some sort of law and order. Without it, we’re anarchist ascribing to a “might makes right” system of government that is bound for failure.

If you don’t believe that, just ask yourself when was the last time you found yourself in a room where the loudest and toughest person was also the wisest and most thoughtful.

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Because human nature is what it is, even in a country where we value the right to defend ourselves, we also can’t just take people out because we don’t like them, and we certainly can’t dismantle a fairly elected government because we personally don’t agree with it.

That concept seems to be lost on some of the Democratic representatives who warm the seats of Congress these days.

They are circulating the kind of extremist rhetoric that causes unrest among those who already had questionable moral foundations, and it’s verging on illegal.

The worst offender is, of course, Maxine Waters, whose recent speech was more than objectionable, railing against the President. America’s Freedom Fighters reports that her statements were at best, crossing over into threatening.

While this might seem like a clear reason to distance yourself from a political figure, apparently the good people of New York think that Waters is right on track, considering the thunderous applause:

“During an appearance at the Ali Forney Center gala in New York City, Congresswoman and ‘impeachment minstrel’ Maxine Waters promised a roaring crowd that she would “take out” the president that very night – a statement that has left many wondering if this was a direct threat on President Trump’s life or whether it was some sort of sick joke.

(especially in the wake of Rep. Steve Scalise being shot by a liberal).

Waters made the promise to the group, which benefits homeless LGBTQ youth, amid the backdrop of violence against conservatives and the mainstream media literally picking apart every single thing Trump says or does for any hint of something to attack him over. Its safe to assume they won’t be doing the same after Waters disgusting remarks.

‘I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight,’ Waters stunningly said.”

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This stunningly direct video was, according to a report in The American Mirrortaken down once, and has been replaced just days ago.

It’s easy to see why, since a high ranking Democratic Congresswoman who supposedly represents millions of Americans’ sentiments, is talking as if she plans to harm the President of the United States.

While it’s debatable that Waters actually does represent as many Americans as she would like to think, it’s downright despicable that she’s able to speak so openly against a sitting president without retribution.

Omar Navarro, a Republican who is running against Waters in next year’s congressional elections, called for her arrest in a post he made to Twitter.

Navarro went on saying,

“Secret Service should call for Maxine Waters immediate resignation after these comments. We don’t need lip service.”

Waters, unfortunately, wasn’t alone in her violently charged rhetoric, either. Democratic Chairman Tom Perez piled on, calling the President “dangerous”:

“’We have the most dangerous president in American history and one of the most reactionary Congresses in American history,’ Democratic Chairman Tom Perez said during his speech.

Perez also labeled Trump an ‘existential threat’ with no apparent worry that his words could be taken, along with those by Waters and other liberals in the media, as ammunition for a crazy leftist to once again attack Congress or even the White House.

Perez’s comments come as he reorganizes the DNC to better serve establishment candidates, pushing out several prominent Bernie Sanders supporters while pretending the shuffle was about diversity when in reality it was a transparent move to make sure he can control who the party supports for president in 2020.

Going back to liberals seemingly embracing violent rhetoric against the president, it is important to keep in mind that the mainstream media themselves are also directly complicit in this move towards violence as they have either contributed to the vicious rhetoric or refused to call out those that have.” 

These comments are more than just troubling, they’re cause for action by the Secret Service. It’s up to law enforcement to show those who outrageously support people like Waters that these crimes against the President aren’t something we should be clapping about.

Waters seemed to take their applause as the green light to turn every speech that she makes into a political impeachment rally. Just two days after the gala, Waters made these comments at a benefit:

“We face unprecedented challenges today in our struggle against HIV and AIDS and I want you to know those people in Congress on the opposite side of the aisle from me control every branch of our federal government,”

Waters said. “And we have, unfortunately, an unstable, erratic person in the White House.”

“We don’t know what this president will do, or say, or tweet from one day to the next. Don’t forget, this is not a political event, but I’m heading toward impeachment.”

She does know that it’s not a political event, but any day she gets to jab the President or rally support for her unprecedented impeachment campaign, is a good day for Waters, apparently.

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It’s time that the American people take back their seats in Congress and elect politicians who will uphold the law instead of playing fast and loose with it.


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16 thoughts to “Madwoman Maxine Waters Tells Crowd She’s Ready To Kill Trump Herself – Look What Happened Seconds Later”

  1. I agree with Maxie waters!!!!!! Weshould kill him. Send him to the electric chair!! Or something he is a misfit for president he is a dumbass and it’s time to send him to the electric chair or impeach him and Vice President pence this is ridiculous someone has to take action he has leaked government secrets and after all the healing this country has come a long way and for instance making up with other country’a that were once the enemy or some type of problems we have had Barack Obama has made this country great again and Donald J. Trump is making it bad again and we are backtracking and he is trying to ruin this beautiful country Named America and has in some ways but he is a narcissist an evil villian to America and needs to be punished and is racist he boycotted stuff he is trying to bring back boycotting and put down African Americans then we will be going back further to the 1800’s and that is a big NO NO he should never an I mean NEVER have been able to run for president we he has been trying to ruin America for 30 years and now it’s happening what has this country become so sad.

  2. She is not alone everybody in America that has any sense feels the same way just want him and everybody like him just gone



  4. Sheesh! Waters didn’t find any of Obama’s unconstitutional acts offensive! And, she has admitted that she’s a socialist. Her constituents are tired of her and want to get rid of her. They ask where does the money come from so that she can live in a multi-million dollar home in a gated community? My own thoughts are that the money comes from evil elitists who, when she became a legislator, she made a vow of allegiance to.

  5. Why aren’t those people already in Jail.i remember a child being removed from Elementary school for a text against Obama?? I will defend my Country and my President at all costs. Hooahh Brothers in Arms let me know when and where you need me!!

  6. Did not a white mail indicate a threat against the racist partially black traitor that was president and is now in jail? This lowlife ignorant socialists out and out threatens a white president and because she is a black nothing happens to her. And the racial tension is on the rise and idiots don’t understand. Think about it.

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